Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Start of Something New



What a comparison this week has been to last week! I am so grateful for those restful days of adjustment but by the end of the weekend I was ready to get started with things. I had to include a picture of myself reading because that's basically all I did my first few days here. Thank goodness for my Kindle! I also went to the beach with the nice couple who picked me up from the airport (hence the penguin). It was nice to get out for a day. Sunday was when it all began with the team from Rock Harbor arriving that afternoon. They were all exhausted but made it through the day. That night we all went to dinner at a local nice pizza restaurant and I got to know them all a little more. It's been great having them around and I'll be sad when they go. Monday was a bigger day. It was my first day at the school and getting aquatinted with the staff, as well as the day the kids arrived, all fifty-two of them. Their bright smiles immediately brightened my day and I was glad to have them here at last. Because the team has them for the week, I don't get to see much of them during the day while I'm at the school. But when I get back they are all around because they will all be staying at the Retreat Center while the team is here. Last night the team put on a bonfire out in the fire pit and made s'mores for everyone before the kids stole the show with amazing singing and dancing around the fire. It's moments like last night that really remind me why I came here. There is no description that could do justice to the worship they sing and the prayers that they pray. I think they could have kept singing forever.

Today I at last met Rebecca, who I'll be co-teaching with for both Arts and Culture or grades 7&8 (which they clump together because there are only 2 seventh graders) and 9 and Art for grade 11. On Wednesdays we'll each be teaching our own class because the two classes will be colliding. Her and I are planning on meeting tomorrow about our first week of classes. I'm excited and a little nervous to get started, but I'm already getting ideas for the art portion of the classes, so I'm ready to take them on. This week is going to be all preparation at the school before classes officially start next week. Though next week classes will end at noon and the Rock Harbor team will get the kids for the rest of the day. I can't wait to get to know the kids by name, and I know it will get a lot easier when I start teaching them.

As for the weather, it's been incredibly hot during the day, but cools off significantly at night, with a steady breeze/wind throughout so I can't really complain. I still can't believe I'm in Summer! Thank you all for your continual prayers and support. It means the world to me :)

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  1. I love your description of the kids, their smiles and their life breathing song. Don't you think it a great anomaly: These kids come from the most poverty stricken, dangerous, and destitute environs, yet they reflect the glory of God. There's no doubt that the Holy Spirit resides in them. Beautiful to see.